Life in a Body: Embracing Sex and Spirit

by Leslea Linebarger

The one subject that never comes up in women’s Bible studies is our sexuality. When it finally surfaced in my women’s group, there was one common theme: sex is somehow shameful and has little to do with God.  Where are the positive messages about our sexuality?  Can we be holy and sexy?  Does God offer freedom in the place where desire and spirituality meet? Why is church the last place we can talk about this?

I created this blog for continuing conversation about spirituality and sexuality, about faith and life, about love and marriage.  Truth be told, we all come to marriage with baggage — with things that keep us from seeing sex as part of a vibrant, passionate love relationship.  I believe God designed us to be whole — body, mind and spirit.  And that we can’t fully love or be loved without embracing all three.  Every step towards wholeness and redemption of our past is a step toward holiness.  And it begins in our minds.

Awareness is the first step.  What’s your story? Are you aware of any baggage you brought to your marriage?  How have things changed since you first married? If you’re unmarried now, what fears do you have about intimacy? How do you think God feels about sexuality?

I look forward to reading your comments. Thanks!

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2 Responses to Life in a Body: Embracing Sex and Spirit

  1. Claudia says:

    Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to engage in your writing world! I would love to read some of what you are writing. You know I love you and have such respect for your thoughts and ideas. I was just having a conversation with my husband along these lines. I do think that our sexuality and our sex lives are gifts that should not be seen as separate from God or of the flesh. I do feel there is much more of a “mystical” experience involved in the sex act itself, for women who know Christ. That aspect of it brings it to a whole new level; not just something that depends on a physical response. I’m not sure about men, since I’m not one!


  2. holywholly says:

    Thanks, Claudia! I agree. There is an amazing and mystical aspect to sex and to spirituality that we only get to experience through abandonment to the Other. And yet so many of us tend to see sex and spirit as completely separate.

    Richard Rohr says, “How we relate sexually is probably a good teacher and indicator of how we relate to God, (and v.v.).” It’s a thought worth posting somewhere and coming back to from time to time. How I relate to God plays out in how well love my husband, my kids, my neighbors. In intimacy, it’s even more apparent.

    I don’t know about you, but I know when I’m withholding, either from God or from my husband. Sometimes it’s self protection, sometimes fear, sometimes resentment or baggage from the past. Somtimes I feel resistance I can’t even put a finger on. Apathy? Pride? Whatever the source, the thing that suffers is relationship. There is a block to Love, and it’s worth ferreting out.

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply!


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