On How Christians Ruin Sex

That was the title of a CNN Belief blog article I read last weekend.  I get it.  Can you relate?  It was summarizing another article by Jon Acuff,  about how we’ve divorced sex from God, and haven’t figured out how to put the two back together.    Acuff says Christians ruin sex in four ways:

We teach guilt, not abstinence.

We have very few ways to discuss sex anywhere.

We write 10 books about lust for every one book about the gift of sex.

We’ve made the crayon box pretty small.

His article got thousands of comments.  There’s definitely a need to get these conversations going, where we can talk about sex as fun and pleasurable and bring God into it at the same time.  After all,  it was His idea!  I’m up for another group discussion on the topic, if anyone is interested!  Here’s a starter question:  what are your biggest roadblocks to seeing sex/desire as pure and/or holy?  What gets in the way?   Start the list…

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