Love, etc.

There’s a new movie out about Love that I can’t wait to see. No, it’s not Crazy, Stupid, Love, although I want to see that one too.  It’s called Love, etc.  Seems to be a documentary looking at love across cultures, age, class, etc. addressing what love — real love, that is — looks like.  I can’t wait to see what they bring out.  I’ll review it here after I’ve seen it.

I don’t think many of us “get” real love, or if we do glimpse it, we forget.  Speaking for myself, I have to pray daily for God to remind me that as I am loved, so should I love, in a way that’s unconditional, selfless and seeking the good of the other. It’s a choice I make daily, rather than a feeling, as I’m tempted to believe.

Recently one of our friend’s daughters got married and we attended the wedding.  It was beautiful and she was radiant and they are so in love.  I watched them gazing into each other’s eyes, blissful and happy, and knew there would be many tests ahead for their young love.  Until we’ve lived awhile together and faced some challenges, we don’t really understand what love really is.  When the glow wears off, when you’ve lived together for a decade or two, and the list of grievances becomes longer than that of our attributes, when we have to forgive a wrong or a betrayal, when our spouse needs us and we’re faced with a choice to give or withhold, then we find out what we’ve got.  We get a chance to be our same old self, or to be stretched and grown from within, from the One who is Love.

It’s part of being transformed into His image. As I am loved, so help me to love.  As I am forgiven, help me to forgive. I love that He gives us a choice.

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