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“I’m sorry.”

Why are these two words so hard to say? It wasn’t the first time it had happened. My husband was driving and I was the navigator, as usual. We were in an unfamiliar city, trying to find the university building … Continue reading

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A Plague of Grackles

We are suffering a plague of grackles.  I only meant to feed songbirds and sparrows, but first one grackle showed up, and then another. Soon a whole gang of them flew in and took over, chasing away the other birds, … Continue reading

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There’s More

Today no one would doubt that it’s Spring, even here in New England.  Nothing is budding yet, but it’s sunny and 70, and you can see a hint of leaf buds on the trees.  When it was sleeting last week, … Continue reading

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Christ is Rising

This poem from Steve Garnaas-Holmes is a beautiful reminder that we are all in process.  God’s mercies in us and around us are ongoing.  May we be patient with ourselves, and learn what it looks like to live out the … Continue reading

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“He is risen! He is risen indeed!” This was our first Easter in a liturgical church, and even though St. Mark’s is small, they pulled out all the stops: fragrant lilies and tulips at the altar, incense wafting through the … Continue reading

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Sixth Saturday   From noon on, darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon. And about three o’clock Jesus cried with a loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” that is, “My God, my God, why have you … Continue reading

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A Moment of Clarity

Sixth Friday/Good Friday There are moments in life that give us total clarity. Usually they center around a crisis. They happen in emergency rooms, in courtrooms, in funeral homes, on a hill called Golgotha. We experience them when we’ve come … Continue reading

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Foot Prints

Sixth Thursday/Holy Week We had a foot washing service at our church tonight. It wasn’t a service for people with vulnerability issues. It’s funny how vulnerable we can feel in our naked feet. Not to mention our discomfort with having … Continue reading

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Self Defense

Sixth Wednesday/Holy Week One of the hardest things for me to face is my own duplicity, the false self I hide behind in order to feel good about myself. I really don’t want to believe that like Peter, I too … Continue reading

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