Christ is Rising

This poem from Steve Garnaas-Holmes is a beautiful reminder that we are all in process.  God’s mercies in us and around us are ongoing.  May we be patient with ourselves, and learn what it looks like to live out the resurrection.  Christ is rising.Scottish crypt

Easter sunrise service
we gather on snow frozen hard.
We shiver and shuffle for warmth.
The sun is late coming up
over the bare trees.

Resurrection seldom comes in a flash,
Jesus in the flowery garden.
The woman in labor knows.
This path can only lead to life,
but it is a long one.
It takes time for God
to make sorrow into joy,
fear into wisdom,
love into victory,
death into life.
Justice gestates.
Only gradually, with great trust,
does this life become the next,
with much practice and failure,
many jugs of spices left again
beside the empty tomb.
Day by day the bread is kneaded,
the light folded into our hearts.

Don’t stop watering the bare soil
where seeds lie working.

Christ is rising.
He is rising indeed.

— Steve Garnaas-Holmes,

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