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Watching New Hampshire

Everyone likes a winner. We line up behind people who are successful in areas we think are important. So the current political polls showing Donald Trump leading the Republicans reveal a great deal about our values as a country. Trump … Continue reading

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Service record

Today is a day to honor those who have served our country. If you know any service men or veterans, make it a point to say thank you for serving and for the part they played in guarding our freedom. … Continue reading

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Sweeping Up

In Twelve Step groups there’s a saying, “Sweep your own sidewalk.” Which essentially means work on your own problems, not someone else’s.  Seems much more common to see people pointing fingers, especially with elections gearing up.  A regular practice of … Continue reading

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A Moment of Clarity

Sixth Friday/Good Friday There are moments in life that give us total clarity. Usually they center around a crisis. They happen in emergency rooms, in courtrooms, in funeral homes, on a hill called Golgotha. We experience them when we’ve come … Continue reading

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Self Defense

Sixth Wednesday/Holy Week One of the hardest things for me to face is my own duplicity, the false self I hide behind in order to feel good about myself. I really don’t want to believe that like Peter, I too … Continue reading

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Letting Go

Sixth Sunday, Palm Sunday Letting go is hard. I’ve had my fingers pried loose enough times over the years to know. I know good things come when I do. Yet it still doesn’t come naturally or easily. Many times I’ve … Continue reading

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